One in 12 men (8%) and one in 200 women (.5%) are red-green color blind; a total of 350 million people worldwide – the same as the population of the United States!

As part of International Colour Blindness Awareness Month (September), DISCOVERY is looking for community support to build a colour blind awareness exhibit. Discovery will be creating a brand new exhibit to highlight to people the differences between people with regular colour vision and those with colour vision deficiencies.

To showcase this, EnChroma are donating two pairs of their colour blind eyewear for us to donate to people in the Bendigo community. EnChroma’s patented lens technology makes colors visible so those with color blindness can see the vibrancy of reds and oranges, blues and purples or more vibrant greens.

During the month of September we will have mini stations across the centre where you can test colour blindness.

To donate to the exhibit, we have setup a donation station and an online fundraiser.

Discovery is an independent not for profit entity and registered charity.

Enchroma Glasses Giveaway Poster
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