Discovery at your school!

Want to bring the fun of hands-on science to your school? Our Online Workshops provide the opportunity to exercise imagination, teamwork and resilience, combining creativity and problem-solving. We also want to support our teachers so if you need free PD or just some advice on how to bring STEM into your virtual class room please contact us.

Contact our Booking Officer by emailing [email protected]

Online Workshop

Weekly live online workshops where students engage, interact and do the experiments along with our science communicator. These hands-on, interactive sessions make use of everyday materials, and if your school gets in early, Discovery will ship the necessary materials to you for free!

New schools are:

[email protected]:45am P-2

[email protected] grades 3-6

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This program is FREE for rural and regional government primary schools across Victoria thanks to the support of the Department of Education and Training. Non government schools can have their own private sessions for $100 per class.

Shed Science

Science in the Shed with David: Splitting Light

Science In The Shed With David: The Night Sky

Science From The Shed with David- Sun dials

Science From The Shed with David- Satellites

Small Science

Infants & the Scientific Method

The Natural World & Living Things

Learning Through Play

Children Asking Questions

Using Mud in STEM Learning

Virtual Tour of Kaleidoscope

Wet Weather

Adults Asking Questions

Virtual Curious Kids

Gravity Experiment 1

Gravity Experiment 2

Gravity Experiment 3

Gravity Experiment 4

Weather Experiment 1

Weather Experiment 2

Weather Experiment 3

Sound Experiment 1

Sound Experiment 2

Sound Experiment 3

Sound Experiment 4

Germs Experiment 1

Germs Experiment 2

Germs Experiment

Bath Bomb Science with Dana

Virtual Curious Kids- Floating & Sinking

Virtual Curious Kids- Floating & Sinking

Virtual Curious Kids: Dinosaurs

Virtual Curious Kids- Dinosaur 2

Simple Science with Danni

Storm in a Glass

Crazy Wrapping Paper

Inverted Colours Illusion

Optical Illusions

How To Make An Experiment

Epsom Salt Crystals

Milk Art

pH Indicators

Bloom and Blossom


Capillary Action

Rainbow Walk

Bubble Mixture

Sweetly Colourful

Bug Hunt!