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Making Connections is a fun online workshop that explores everyday forces and the way energy is transferred between objects.

About this Event

Do you have a bright spark at home who needs a challenge?

Thanks to the Department of Education and Training this engaging STEM workshop is free for all high-ability students and those needing extension in years 3-6 at Victorian government schools. Making Connections is a hands-on exploration of physics and forces where students have time to experiment, theorise and prototype. The ultimate goal of the activity is to create your own chain reaction using everyday forces and objects.

To register your child for this extension activity you will be asked to enter your email and contact details for your childs’ teacher. This is so we can contact them and confirm this activity is suited to the educational needs of your child.

To be truly hands on you’ll need to have some materials near by to experiment with!

*Paper and pen/pencil

* 5 or 6 Marbles

* Dominoes or similar small blocks

* Cardboard tube (like from the inside of a roll of paper towel)

* Scissors

* Tape

* A couple of books

* A few different balls (e.g. tennis ball, basketball, superball)

* A chopping board

* A teatowel

* A wooden spoon

* A ruler

* A bucket or large jar

* Some rubber bands



As this is inquiry based learning what students learn will be shaped by their curiosity but to get an idea of some of the MANY curriculum links students often cover in this class head to check out our workshop information.

David Holmes Science Communicator enlightening students


Sep 18
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
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