With over 100 fascinating exhibits to explore, Discovery is sure to have something to capture every imagination!

Hands on Exhibits

Be sure to look out for the whacky mirrors that make you look really strange, see how a pair of thongs can be used to play a tune on the Thong-A-Phone, listen as your own voice echoes back at you through a tube that is almost as long as Discovery itself, shoot ping pong balls amazing distances only using the air that surrounds them or spell out a message using the Air Cannon, and that’s just to name a few!


Join us on opening night of Pint of Science Bendigo at a one-off special event in partnership with the Discovery Centre. Be one of the first to experience Bendigo’s new planetarium.


Specially designed for our mini scientists Kaleidoscope caters for children aged 0-5 years. Children will have fun building with Duplo and blocks, spin the colour wheels and mine for rocks from our poppet head.

Vertical Slide

For the more courageous amongst us, parents and children alike can line up to be dropped down our Vertical Slide!

With a drop of seven metres and falling at a speed of 30-40km per hour, the Vertical Slide is definitely not for the faint hearted!

Entry to the Vertical Slide is included in the Discovery general admission and all sliders must be at least five years of age. Remember to bring your socks!

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