The New Bendigo Planetarium

Located near Discovery’s main entrance is a high tech, state-of-the-art ‘dome theatre’ with the latest high resolution laser projectors and world’s best control system, able to screen an enormous variety of entertaining, educational and creative shows.


          3:00pm Weekdays
          11:30am and 1:30pm on Weekends
          11:00am, 12:00pm, 1:00pm and 2:00pm during school holidays

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The latest generation of planetariums emphasise teaching across multiple disciplines. All subject matter has a place in modern domes, which are now capable of visualising scientific and artistic concepts in ways that deeply resonate with diverse audiences. 

Planetariums are vital facilities for the curious of all ages, introducing all of us to new ideas and perspectives. Building the foundations for the next generation of engineers, inventors, artists, and problem-solvers.

Let the wonders of the universe wash over you in the new Planetarium.

Whilst you don’t need to pre-book to come to Discovery we do recommend reserving your seat in the planetarium:

For school bookings please contact our bookings officer:



An exhilarating and visceral film that tells the expansive story of Carriberrie dance, song and music in Australian Aboriginal culture.


Sidewalk Astronomy is Bendigo’s favourite astronomy event and is held every month next to the Discovery Science and Technology Centre.


Angel Strings merge the divine majesty of the outer universe with sublime string quartet repertoire.
Four dynamic string players usher you through the cosmos. Expect your breath to be taken away.

Hire the Planetarium for your next function! 


360 Dining, a multi-sensory dining experience under the stars!

Bubbles and Barracuda – enjoy a sip as shoals of fish glide above you!

Cosmic Cocktail Parties!

360 Video Game Night!

Dome Karaoke!

…and so much more!

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