When you arrive, your party will be set up and ready to go in the Lab.

Your guests will be sent into the Lab as they arrive, where they can leave their belongings and then proceed into the centre to play.

If you have chosen our Basic Party Package you can ask the staff at the front desk to call the children back to the Lab for cake and photos.

If you have chosen a Standard or Premium Party Package you will be introduced to your very own Partyologist, who will be looking after you for your visit.

Fifteen minutes after the start time (to ensure everyone has time to arrive) a loudspeaker announcement will call all the party guests back to the Lab. This is the time Discovery serves food for catered birthdays and the recommended eating time for parties bringing in food.

After this, your chosen science show will begin! A fun interactive time with all the little kids…and the big kids too.

Time for cake! Sing happy birthday and blow out the candles, we will cut the cake and distribute it for you so you can focus on the precious moment photos.

Head on out to the Vertical Slide and exhibits, time to work off that cake!

Did you order party bags? They can be picked up on the way out.