When can I bring my group in?

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Discovery is open from 10am - 4pm Tuesday to Sunday during term. We now offer booking from 9:30 am for school excursions. We try to be flexible and don't want anyone to miss out. If a group simply cannot book within these hours we may be able to discuss other options.* (subject to availability)

What activities will our group be doing?

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In an excursion to Discovery you'll have access to: The Exhibits; we have roughly 100 hands on exhibits in our open plan Centre. Everything is hands on and everyone is encouraged to explore. The Planetarium; sit back and relax as one of our presenters takes you on a journey through the planets and the night [...]

Are you easy to find?

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Yes! We are located directly opposite the Train station. Why not catch the train to the Discovery Centre for an extra fun trip? The Discovery Centre is located next door to Bendigo’s train station and bus depot, so it is easily accessible by public transport. View map here. Coming by car? Park at the Bendigo [...]

How safe is Discovery?

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We are aware that safety is a major concern for groups visiting us. We have a strict ‘no running’ policy and our professional staff are trained in level 2 first aid. There is only one entry / exit to the Centre for visitors, so you won’t lose anyone and the lead teacher is required to [...]

How do I pay?

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We will send you an invoice after your visit to us. Be sure to provide an email to your school or groups accounts department, or be prepared to send it to us. Want to know more? Call us on 03 5444 4400 or email bookings@discovery.asn.au You can also call in and visit us anytime!

How do I book?

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You can fill in a booking enquiry form below! Or you can call in to the centre and speak to our staff, call us on 5444 4400, or email bookings@discovery.asn.au.


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