How do I book?

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You can fill in a booking enquiry form below! Or you can call in to the centre and speak to our staff, call us on 5444 4400, or email

What about food allergies?

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Our Premium Party Package includes snacks and mains to suit a variety of individuals, with options that are dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free, and vegetarian, as well as standard party favourites. Have a look at our menu to see if this would suit your guests. All Discovery party food is nut-free.

Can I bring extra food?

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Yes, you can bring food, just be aware that we can’t store it, so make sure you can cover it or eat it straight away. In our experience, with our Premium Party Package there isn’t much need for extra food and it will go home with you again!

Can we stay longer?

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Yes. You can stay in the Centre as long as you like after your party until we close at 4pm. However, you will have to remove your belongings from the Lab, as we will need to clean and prepare this space.

What happens during the party?

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When you arrive, your party will be set up and ready to go in the Lab. Your guests will be sent into the Lab as they arrive, where they can leave their belongings and then proceed into the centre to play. If you have chosen our Basic Party Package you can ask the staff at [...]

How long does a birthday party last?

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A Discovery birthday party lasts for 90 minutes, after which Discovery staff need to empty and clean the private party room. Guests are still welcome to remain in the centre for as long as they like until Discovery's closing time of 4pm.


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