When can I have my sleepover?

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Discovery hosts Sleepovers on Mondays - Saturdays. There is a minimum of 20 during the week and 25 during the weekends. Discovery is closed on Public Holidays, so we cannot arrange a sleepover night of, or the day before, a Public Holiday.

What time can I have my sleepover?

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Sleepovers begin at 5pm and go until 8:30am the following morning so as not to conflict with Discovery's daytime operations. In the event that a sleepover requires additional staff time outside these hours there may be additional charges.

What happens during a sleepover?

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When you arrive, you will be directed into the auditorium to pick out a mat and set up your bed. Your Visit Coordinator will introduce themselves once your group has arrived, they will give you the run -down of the evening. You will have: A drop down the vertical slide Dinner – PIZZA! A tour [...]

Is it dark?

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Yes, we do turn the lights off in the Centre when it is sleep time. However there are lights in the foyer and toilets should you need them during the night. There is ambient light in the Auditorium.

What food will we have for dinner?

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We order pizza from Dominos, which cater for gluten and lactose intolerances, but should you have any specific dietary requirements let us know and we will seek a suitable alternative. There will be icy poles afterwards.

What about breakfast?

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There is a range of cereals (including gluten free) and toast for breakfast. Juice is also available. Milk-alternatives such as soy or almond can be provided.

Can we arrive early / stay late?

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We only have our staff for your sleepover for a limited time – and they are super busy! Unfortunately we can only allow you in once the Centre is ready for your visit (5pm) and you will need to depart by 8:30 am so we can prepare for the next day. If a staff member [...]

How do I book?

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You can fill in a booking enquiry form below! Or you can call in to the centre and speak to our staff, call us on 5444 4400, or email bookings@discovery.asn.au.


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