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Want to bring the fun of hands-on science to your school? Our Challenge Workshops provide the opportunity to exercise imagination, teamwork and resilience, combining creativity and problem-solving. Our Workshops also link to curriculum standards.

Primary Incursion Workshops

Primary Incursion Costs

$550 for first Workshop Session
$100 per additional Workshop session
Maximum 30 students per session, Maximum 4 sessions per day
At least 1 teacher supervisor required per class

Early Learning Incursions

Early Learning Incursion Costs

$550 for first Workshop Session
$100 per additional Workshop session
Maximum 30 students per session, Maximum 4 sessions per day
1 additional supervisor required per 5 children

Rural or Remote Centres

Are you a remote or rural school?

There may be additional transport costs for travel times over an hour.

Talk to us about potential funding opportunities via the Department of Education & Training.

Incursion FAQs

When can I book an incursion?2018-06-05T17:18:43+10:00

The Discovery Centre offers incursions on Weekdays during Victorian School Terms.

Can we combine two schools?2018-06-06T11:17:20+10:00

Yes but if the workshop needs to be packed up and moved then we charge the original price

Can our community organisation book an incursion?2018-06-15T11:55:56+10:00

Discovery is happy to discuss incursion opportunities with community organisations that will ensure adequate staffing and safety.

How long do Workshop Sessions run for?2018-06-06T11:36:20+10:00

Between 60-90 minutes per Workshop session with a reset/student transfer time of roughly 10 minutes in between sessions.

How long do you need to set up prior to beginning?2018-06-06T11:37:16+10:00

30-45 minutes set-up time

What sort of venue to you need?2018-06-06T11:37:53+10:00

A hall or double class room

Do we need seats or tables set up?2018-06-06T11:48:08+10:00

For the table top Workshops ‘Circuits & Switches’, ‘Turbulent Tunnels’, and ‘How Sound!’ the ideal layout is 7 tables with no chairs.

For ‘Marble Runs’ the ideal layout is a big empty space with no tables or chairs.

Do we need a projector or TV?2022-05-23T14:21:08+10:00

‘Circuits & Switches’ or ‘Wind Tunnels’ do not require a projector or TV.
‘Marble Runs’ and ‘How Sound!’ do require a projector or TV.

Is teacher assistance required?2018-06-18T16:08:13+10:00

Teacher assistance or additional adult supervision is required for incursions

Do these workshops relate to the curriculum?2018-06-06T11:53:11+10:00

Please click on the Workshop images above to see the Curriculum Links

Can we do more than one Workshop for an incursion?2018-06-26T13:51:11+10:00

Workshops require a lot of equipment, so we can only offer one type per incursion. If you would like to include your whole Primary School in an incursion then a Science Show is a fun way to engage all ages.

Incursion Enquiry

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Program times start at 1 hour and can go as long as 4 hours, student numbers and program options dependant.
If you need to leave by a certain time, let us know so we can take that into account when building your program.
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