Pointillism to Pixelation: The Evolution of Art & Science at Discovery
Join us in contemplating the intersection of art and science. This interactive event was designed around the Pointillism style that was conceived by Gorges Seurat in Paris during the time period of 1880 – 1925. It illustrates the fascinating evolution of artistic techniques from the meticulous dots of pointillism to the intricate pixels of digital art.
At Discovery, guests will explore the transformative impact of technology on artistic expression, witnessing how advancements in science have revolutionised the way we create and perceive art. This activation celebrates the endless possibilities when creativity and innovation collide.
Visitors are invited to become active participants in the creative process, as they engage in a hands-on activity using stickers to craft a collaborative artwork. Inspired by the techniques showcased throughout the exhibit, guests will contribute their own dots and pixels to a dynamic mural, reflecting the evolving landscape of art in the digital age.